Decaptcher API:

Most of software let user to use Host/ip for decaptcher API, in those, you can access our service the host and port mentioned below.

http access URL/IP:

Host: poster.decaptcher.org
[This host for HTTP post API, if your software ask for an Port, Then it Used socket API]

You will need to add our server ip, You can edit the hosts.etc file in 2 methods.

Method 1: Manually editing file: To editing your hosts.etc file manually. Open Notepad. (Windows 7, Right click on notepad and select, Run as administrator), Notepad> File > Open In the open file location, Navigate to System drive (usually C) Windows> System32> drivers> etc > open hosts.etc,

[if you are not seeing the hosts.etc file in folder ETC, Then select all file in notepad File type drop-down].

Navigate to last line in hosts.etc and add line mentioned below poster.decaptcher.com poster.de-captcher.com poster.de-captcher.info api.decaptcher.com api.de-captcher.com api.de-captcher.info

and save hosts.etc file by File>Save.

if you are not sure how to edit please see the method 2 for using software to edit host.


Method 2: Host editor software: you can use Advanced Hosts_Editor1.3 for edit your hosts.etc file, It’s a freeware, and you can download free from here. After download the zip file, unzip it and open Advanced_Hosts_Editor_1.3_Beta1.exe, you will see the Assistant TAB by default, so click on hosts file TAB (Snapshot here). Navigate to last line and add the ip and host name. Click on Save. You’re done.

Step 2: After editing the hosts.etc file, put your Humancoder username and password in login field on your software. it will solve captcha by Humancoder!


Important: The IP address for 3rt party API such bypasscaptcha API, Decaptcher API has been changed, Please Update the IP address in host file immediately. Change the IP in all host entry to