You can use our service into software who support De-Captcher, Humancoder, Bypasscaptcha, Decaptcher.com, AntiCaptchaantigateDeathBycaptcha and ExpertDecoders API.

Using HumanCoder API:

Software who have Humancoder (also known as Expertdecoders) API in service list, Simple use your key there to use our service, Use Humancoder Plugin to use myadtoolz software. Your Access key For Humancoder API are available in your account area.

Decaptcher API:

Most of software let user to use Host/ip for decaptcher API, in those, you can access our service easily, simple use our host and port. No more steps are needed.
http access URL/IP:

Host: poster.decaptcher.org
[This host for HTTP post API, if your software ask for an Port, Then it Used socket API]

Socket Access URL/IP:

Host: api.decaptcher.org
Port: 100

In few software cannot use Host name or cannot change host name, if it, You will need to add our server ip to host file, visit this page for details by clicking here


BypassCaptcha.com API:

You can use our service into any software that have Bypasscaptcha APi in captcha solver. You will use your key and Add our server IP to host file,Click Here Read More for add our IP for BypassCaptcha API.

Example: Sick submitter| Digi Traffic accelerator| SEnuke SEO SoftwareiChameleon Web AutomationMagic Submitter Reddit Monopoly Software


Using other API:

if any software fail to work with BypassCaptcha and Decaptcher API mentioned above, Still you can use this software with with our service emulator software, it can work with Decaptcher Socket andDeathBycaptcha, AntiGate, AntiCaptcha, ImageTyperz API.

Download Our service emulator software from this link, then extract this zip file into any location you want. Please See the Read ME.HTML file for how to use it and Troubleshooting HTML file for troubleshoot if you having any problem.

Example: xrumer