We specialize in solving captchas . We have produced bespoke software and offer to our valued clients accurate and fast captcha solving by using our team of well trained and dedicated workers.

Our aim is to consistently maintain a high quality of service to our customers. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and we are always try to adopt the most effective and latest technology available.

We strive to serve our valued customers by working with the best captcha decoders in the industry who are able to offer the best quality in the market.

We aim to be your sole contact to work on your behalf to take care of all your captchas, from sourcing to solving.

We have a well-experienced quality control Team for in-line, end line to final inspection through all departments along with dispatched quality audit performed.

We have a very clear view of our business and we have a great working rapport with our clients. We strictly abide by the instructions and the brief received from our clients and are not satisfied until we believe that our workers have the same kind of understanding what our clients aims are.

We offer fast and reliable decoding time, excellent quality control and round o’clock working server. We have a unique methodology of paper work that is immaculately followed and managed by our team.

Our solver’s are expert in being able to solve captcha’s for almost all website’s.

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* Low price

Our price is one of the lowest in this industry. Our price is $0.33 per 1000 CAPTCHAs. which equates to $0.00033 each. And you pay for correctly recognized CAPTCHAs only.
* We’re able to solve ALL CAPTCHAS from any website and any software.
* We have a dedicated team of data entry specialists who solves online 24/7.We promise a success rate of 95% to 100%.
* Our servers offer a very fast response time of average 10 second.
24/7/365 uninterrupted service.
* Professional technical support.

We have a group of very good programmers. Our expertise includes LAMP system, PHP/C/C# programming and network solution. We can help you on integrating our service into your software for free. We can even give you some help on your own field if you need.